Acute Telepsychiatry

Our Telepsychiatry service improves outcomes for all patients, and enhances caregiver job satisfaction.

› Business situation:
Amongst the greatest challenge in hospital medicine today is quickly and effectively managing the volume of patients requiring acute psychiatric services. Administrators and caregivers are confronted with two root-causes; declining psychiatric beds, and a shortage of psychiatrists.

The result is that patients are often times kept in emergency or other beds for extended periods of time, not only delaying the onset of treatment, but creating a patient backup as other patients wait for those beds.

› Solution:
Acute Telepsychiatry services from Dousedaicon Health & Services and its affiliates may ease the pressure. As one of the many telehealth services we offer, board-certified psychiatrists are quickly accessible virtually at the bedside to diagnose the patient, and start them on the path of treatment. This not only improves outcomes for that patient, but can free that bed for the next patient, alleviating the ‘log-jam.’

Continuing the tradition of delivering specialized care in the most effective, integrated ways possible, Acute Telepsychiatry from Dousedaicon Health & Services and our affiliates allows us to help you meet one of the most pressing challenges in the hospital today; rapidly assessing and treating those in need of psychiatric services.

More than just an episode of care enabled by technology, our Acute Telepsychiatry embeds our psychiatrists into your care teams within the medical surgical floors and the ED to rapidly commence treatment for this vulnerable population. The impact is:

  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Increased emergency room throughput
  • Reduced ED diversions
  • Decreased wait-times
  • Reduced length of stay
  • Lower readmission rates
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Compliance with state and other regulations


  • Turnkey Telepsychiatry consult model, serving the whole patient
  • Available stand-alone or integrated with other telehealth services & specialties
  • Great for:
    • Emergency Room
    • Medical surgical inpatients
    • Crisis & urgent care

Our Acute Telepsychiatry service includes:

  • 24 hr. access to highly-trained & experienced board-certified psychiatrists
  • Each psychiatrist is interviewed, vetted, and specifically assigned to each partner site to ensure optimal efficiency
  • All psychiatrists have experience with Telepsychiatry
  • Embedded, non-proprietary telehealth technology platform with support and perpetual enhancements
  • Expert service from initial evaluation through follow-up
  • Routine case review and CQI based on shared experiences of all our partners
  • Integrated support and tools for care teams including:
    • In person and online training on evidence-based clinical guidelines and best practices
    • Evidence-based order sets
    • Training and Education tools to present at seminars and community events

Helping you meet your patients’ needs

Our unique telehealth service design, implementation and program management approach embeds a fully integrated psychiatric team into the services your organization offers in order to support the whole patient, and all caregivers contributing to the patient’s care.