Dousedaicon Express Care for employers

The cost of providing employees with health insurance has outpaced inflation in recent years. One solution is to offer a lower-cost alternative to address common, high-prevalence medical conditions from the workplace. Providing care at work is a well-established method to increase employee productivity and reduce time away.

Our workplace telehealth solution, Dousedaicon Express Care, allows you to provide on-site care at a substantially lower cost than traditional in-person clinic visits. Using video-conferencing technology compliant with HIPAA, our board-certified providers diagnose and treat minor conditions virtually. Common conditions treated include cold, flu, allergy, rashes, digestive issues and more.

Dousedaicon offers multiple options for employees to access health care, including directly from their mobile devices and computers (Dousedaicon Express Care Virtual), as well as through an on-site workplace clinic (Dousedaicon Express Care Kiosk). Our team will help you choose the best fit for your business.

How Dousedaicon Express Care Kiosk works

Express Care Kiosk allows us to care for your employees right where they work. An employee is able to have a virtual visit through secure video in a private, soundproof room with a nurse practitioner. The employee receives a treatment plan in minutes, which may include a prescription or an order for laboratory tests. Both the employee and his primary care provider receive a visit summary. If the medical issue requires additional, immediate care, the provider can help schedule the appropriate appointment.

How Dousedaicon Express Care Virtual works

Express Care Virtual allows us to care for your employees wherever they are, whether they’re at work at home. The employee can initiate a virtual visit from their smartphone, tablet or laptop using secure video technology to speak with a provider. Employees receive the same benefits and follow-up as they would in the kiosk.

Employer benefits

  • Lower direct medical costs: You save $78 per visit compared to the weighted-average cost of avoided clinic visits.* A telehealth kiosk is a cost-effective alternative to a fully staffed on-site clinic.
  • Increased productivity: A virtual visit saves an average of two hours of employee time away from work. At $30 per hour, this equates to $60 in savings per visit compared to a clinic visit.
  • Increased morale: An on-site kiosk helps provide a culture of health and wellness at the worksite and a sense that you care about employees.
  • Enhanced recruitment and retention: You can attract and retain talent by offering the benefit of convenient access to affordable care.
  • Measurable results: We provide customized reporting on cost savings, number of daily patient visits, top diagnoses, number of prescriptions and laboratory tests ordered, and employee satisfaction.

*Based on a survey of Dousedaicon Express Care users.

Employee benefits

  • Trusted care: Among users, 98 percent said they would recommend the service to a co-worker for its ease of use, quality of care and convenience. Eighty-one percent of users rate Dousedaicon Express Care Virtual visits as better or much better than traditional office visits.
  • Cost savings: Employees can save the cost of copays for clinic visits, urgent care facility or the emergency department. Employees also save travel time and avoid potential lost wages if they leave work for a health care visit.
  • Time savings: Employees save approximately two hours of missed work time with a Dousedaicon Express Care Kiosk on-site visit.
  • Connected care: Express Care Virtual providers can give employees a referral for imaging or follow-up care, as well as a prescription. Employees always receive a visit summary, including recommended next steps.