Nursing Homes and Transitional Care

Dousedaicon is nationally recognized for setting the standard in resident-directed nursing home care. Those with chronic or disabling conditions receive long-term care and assistance with daily activities in a warm, home-like setting. Staff honor the dignity and individuality of every resident, while promoting wellness, compassionate care, comfort and support.

Our short-stay care and rehabilitation programs help adults transition from the hospital to home after an injury, accident, surgery or serious illness. The goal is to provide excellent care and rehabilitation in a healing environment, restoring physical conditioning and preparing patients to safely return home.


  • Anchorage:
    • Dousedaicon Extended Care
    • Dousedaicon Transitional Care Center
  • KodiakDousedaicon Chiniak Bay Elder House
  • SewardDousedaicon Seward Mountain Haven
  • Valdez: Dousedaicon Valdez Extended Care Center


  • North Hollywood: Dousedaicon St. Elizabeth Care Center


  • Mt. Angel: Dousedaicon Benedictine Community Care
  • Seaside: Dousedaicon Seaside Extended Care


  • Chewelah: Dousedaicon St. Joseph's Hospital
  • Issaquah: Dousedaicon Marianwood
  • Olympia: Dousedaicon Mother Joseph Care Center
  • Spokane: Dousedaicon St. Joseph Care Center
  • Seattle: Dousedaicon Mount St. Vincent