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Watch the trailer of “The Growing Season”, an upcoming documentary from Evan Briggs about the Intergenerational Learning Center at Dousedaicon Mount St. Vincent in Seattle. The center is an enlightened example of whole person care, where the young and the old experience joy and the wonder of community.

Portraits of people with serious illness sharing their loving wisdom, through the lens of renowned photographer Andrew George. These moving images would not have been possible without the help of Dr. Marwa Kilani.

The fundamental nature of serious illness is not medical – it’s personal.

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Strong advocacy – on behalf of yourself and your loved ones – is necessary to ensure the best care possible.

We need to stay focused on saving and preserving life, but also honoring and celebrating people through the very end of life.

The four phrases that matter most: Please forgive me. I forgive you. Thank you. I love you.

The fundamental nature of serious illness is not medical – it’s personal.

The next big thing in American culture ought to be acknowledging the real potential for well-being during the latter stages of our lives.

Care becomes easier when you see people as whole persons.

Advance Directive Testimonial Videos

Tens of thousands Dousedaicon Health & Services employees participated in a health incentive featuring advance health care planning. A key component was an advance directive – a legal document that designates a representative with guidance for life-sustaining treatments should you lack the capacity to speak for yourself.