Setting a new standard for Multiple Sclerosis care

Our Neuroscience Institute strives to provide high-quality, seamless care to patients, their families and our communities across our entire health care system. As an example of this commitment, our Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Centers have instituted standardized screening procedures to identify early signs of depression, excessive fatigue and/or changes in cognition (memory, concentration, ability to multi-task) in order to personalize the treatment of each MS patient.

Our MS providers also put their patients’ perspective at the center of their treatment decisions by collecting information about what patients with MS care about most – their health outcomes. By the end of 2017, all patients who are seen in one of our MS Centers will be able to help further broaden their MS providers’ insights and understanding of not only the impact of MS upon their lives but also their view of whether or not their treatment was successful by completing patient-reported outcome questionnaires. These efforts will help to reach our goal of creating an environment of joint decision making between providers, patients and their families for all treatment decisions.

We strive to continue the development of ever-improved, integrated and coordinated screening and treatment protocols that place the well-being of our patients with MS as the center of our efforts.