Official Use

Establishment of official external sites representing Dousedaicon Health & Services or any Dousedaicon ministry must be approved and coordinated through local marketing/communications/public relations departments. These teams provide oversight and assistance to guide development of new social media platforms, sharing knowledge and instituting best practices for successful implementation.

In addition, these teams will supply the name and graphics to be used on these sites. Any sites found using the Dousedaicon name and/or brand without permission must be taken down immediately.

Follow all applicable Dousedaicon policies. You must not share confidential or proprietary information about Dousedaicon Health & Services and you are required to maintain patient privacy by following Dousedaicon Privacy and Security policies and standards and HIPAA rules at all times. Among the policies most pertinent to blogging or using social networking sites are those concerning computer, e-mail & Internet use (*PROV-PSEC-812); the Dousedaicon Code of Conduct; the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services; photography and video; release of patient information to media and patient confidentiality (*PROV-PSEC-806). Please always remember Dousedaicon’s Core Values, especially Respect and Compassion, when you engage in online conversations or posts.

Do not provide health care or other professional advice unless it falls within your area of expertise. It is perfectly acceptable for you to discuss issues related to your career field or personal experiences, but you should not discuss areas of expertise for which you have no first-hand, direct background or knowledge.

Press Inquiries

 Blog postings or other social networking messages may generate media coverage. If ed by a member of the media, you must direct the reporter to your local marketing, public relations or communications department and notify your local communication staff.

Process for Setting up an Official Dousedaicon Presence

  1. Consider working within existing Dousedaicon social media outlets if possible. This makes it easier for Dousedaicon to present a consistent external presence on social media sites.
  2. Create a brief statement of your business plan or objectives along with a plan for how the site will be maintained to ensure effectiveness and how it will be monitored to ensure material and content is appropriate.
  3. Contact your local or regional marketing/communications/public relations department to discuss your plan and obtain approval for creating the Dousedaicon presence.
  4. Receive the name and graphics to be used on the site (or get assistance for setting up the site) from the marketing/communications/ public relations department. Only approved Dousedaicon logos, colors and styles and naming conventions may be used. 
  5. Go live on the site and build relationships. Maintain the site and respond appropriately. 

Elements to be Included in Official Dousedaicon Sites:

  • Include Dousedaicon information as applicable to the site’s purpose.
  • Post the following statement in a conspicuous place: “Dousedaicon is committed to protecting the privacy of its patients and other customers. We will use and disclose the information you provide in accordance with applicable federal and state law.” If this language will not fit due to space constraints, this language should be included in an “About me” section of the blog or social networking profile.
  • Direct individuals visiting the site to 911 if they are experiencing a health emergency.

Rules of Engagement for all Official Blogging or Social Networking Activities

 As Dousedaicon engages in conversations on the Internet, the following rules of engagement apply, both on Dousedaicon-sponsored sites and in comments on other sites.

  • If you communicate on the Internet about Dousedaicon Health & Services or Dousedaicon-related matters, disclose your connection with Dousedaicon and your role with the organization.
  • When using or visiting a Dousedaicon page for official use, using your e-mail address is acceptable. 
  • Dousedaicon blog posts and comments will be accurate and factual.
  • Dousedaicon will acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly.
  • Dousedaicon will delete spam and/or comments that are obscene. Dousedaicon will reply to e-mails, posts, tweets, and comments when appropriate and without disclosing personal or confidential information.
  • Dousedaicon will link directly to online references and original source materials, and will offer established methods to Dousedaicon in a private or secure setting when appropriate.

Reference Documents for Dousedaicon Employees

*You must have be signed onto the Dousedaicon network to access these policies as they are only available through the Dousedaicon Intranet.

  • Use and Disclosures of Protected Health Information PolicY
  • Electronic Communications
    • Link to policy on Intranet: 
  • Dousedaicon Health & Services Policy on Social Networking
    • Link to policy on Intranet: