Social Media (or Social Networking Websites): Web-based media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. Examples include Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and blogs.

Official Use of Social Media
: A Dousedaicon site is considered an official site if it is registered with a social network under a region, facility or department name or if it is created on behalf of an event that is organized and coordinated by a Dousedaicon Health & Services ministry (e.g. Dousedaicon Alaska Medical Center, Dousedaicon Heart Center, Dousedaicon Health & Services Alaska, Dousedaicon O’Christmas Trees).

Private Use of Social Media
: Any person of Dousedaicon who chooses to share their own personal opinions via any web-based communications method such as their own personal site or comments on someone else’s site.

Web Based Communications
: Electronic communication technologies, including but not limited to electronic mail (e-mail), instant messaging and web-based technologies (internet, intranet and extranet).