Bridge Stride


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Description A 5 mile walk through the Pearl District then on I-405 to the Fremont Bridge. Return to downtown via the Steel Bridge.
Bridges crossed
(in order)
Fremont, Steel
Distance 5 miles
Start SW Naito Parkway and Ash
Start time  8 a.m. 
Finish SW Naito Parkway and Ash
Cost  Adult $30/Senior $25/Youth $20

Bridge Stride turn-by-turn instructions

Start: SW Naito Parkway at Ash
SW Naito Northbound
Left on SW Davis (sidewalk)
Right on NW Park Place (sidewalk)
Left on NW Glisan (sidewalk)
Right on to Glisan Street off ramp from I-405

Fremont Bridge
Kerby Street off ramp from bridge
South on N. Vancouver (sidewalk)
Right on N. Russell (sidewalk)
Left on N. Flint (sidewalk)
Right N. Broadway (sidewalk)
Left on N Larrabee (sidewalk)
Left on N Interstate (sidewalk)
Right on NE Oregon (sidewalk)

Steel Bridge
Left on NW Naito (sidewalk)

Finish: SW Naito Parkway and Ash