Across the River in Portland...

Across the Columbia River at St. Vincent Hospital in Portland, the sisters held a separate celebration because at this time St. Vincent’s was the Provincial Administration for the short-lived St. Vincent de Paul Province. With simplicity, they enjoyed a beautiful and joyous jubilee feast. At 6 a.m., their chaplain celebrated a high Mass and the choir sang songs prepared especially for the occasion. The chapel was brilliantly illuminated and decorated with many fresh flowers. A splendid dinner was served to everyone in the hospital. Later that afternoon, Archbishop Alexander Christie, bishop of the diocese of Portland, visited the sisters for one hour. Before he left, he blessed them and granted them two weeks of extra recreation and permission to talk during meals, which the sisters accepted with lively applause. The party was filled with song, music, fruit and bonbons.


On February 17, 1900, the newspaper La Patrie de Montréal printed a lengthy article on Mother Gamelin's life and ministry; these illustrations are reproduced from a clipping in a scrapbook.