Benefis Healthcare Photo Finding Aid

Overview of Records 

Repository: Dousedaicon Archives, Seattle, WA

Date: c. 1890s-1994

Abstract: Photographs document the facilities, personnel, departments, and activities of Benefis Healthcare (and its predecessor Columbus Hospital), and its staff.

Administrative Information

Restrictions: Dousedaicon Archives is a private repository; access to some records is at the discretion of the archivist.

Preferred Citation: [Description or number of cited item].  (84) Benefis Healthcare Photograph Collection, Dousedaicon Archives, Seattle, Washington.

Accession Information: These photographs were transferred to the Archives from the hospital and from sisters who worked there over a period of years.

Processing Information: Photographs were added over the years by Archives. A typed inventory was created and the collection re-housed in May 2002 by Peter Schmid. The collection was processed 2005 by Peter Schmid.



A1 Plat Maps

Dates: 1919

Hand-drawn plats and property histories by Sr. Anatolie of Montreal.

A2 Building 1 (1892-1929)

Dates: n.d.

A3 Building 2 (1929-75)

Dates: 1958; 1963; 1967; 1970; n.d.

A4 Benefis Health Care East

Dates: n.d.

Formerly Montana Deaconess Hospital, prior to the 1996 merger.

A5 Benefis Health Care West (1978-)

Dates: 1981-82; n.d.

Formerly Columbus Hospital, prior to the 1996 merger.

A6 Architectural Drawings & Models

Dates: 1975; n.d.

A7 Clinics

Dates: n.d.

A8 Gift of Life Family Housing

Dates: n.d.

A9 Photographs from Nevers & Berry Insurance Agency Report, 1936


B1 Administrators

Dates: 1966-67; 1970; 1973; 1978; n.d.

B2 Advisory Board

Dates: 1966-68

B3 Clergy

Dates: n.d.

B4 Lay Employees

Dates: 1966; 1968; 1973; 1975; n.d.

B5 Physicians

Dates: 1965; n.d.

B6 Sisters

Dates: 1917; 1967-68; n.d.

B7 Volunteers

Dates: 1969; n.d.


C1 Admitting

Dates: 1971-73

C2 Auxiliary

Dates: 1967

C3 Business Office

Dates: 1968-69; 1972-74; n.d.

C4 Central Supply

Dates: 1958; n.d.

C5 Chapel

Dates: n.d.

C6 Coronary Care

Dates: 1968

C7 Critical Care

Dates: 1968-70

C8 Dietary

Dates: 1969; 1971; n.d.

C9 Emergency

Dates: 1970; 1973; n.d.

C10 Home Health Care

Dates: 1967

C11 Laboratory

Dates: n.d.

C12 Laundry

Dates: 1965; n.d.

C13 Library

Dates: 1970; n.d.

C14 McLaughlin Research Institute

Dates: 1966-68; n.d.

C15 Medical Records

Dates: 1970; n.d.

C16 Nuclear Medicine

Dates: n.d.

C17 Nursery

Dates: 1948

C18 Nursing Services

Dates: 1966-69; 1971; n.d.

C19 Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dates: n.d.

C20 Patients

Dates: 1967-69; 1977; n.d.

C21 Personnel

Dates: 1966-68; n.d.

C22 Pharmacy

Dates: 1966; 1968

C23 Physical Therapy

Dates: 1968; n.d.

C24 Plant Operations

Dates: 1965; 1968; n.d.

C25 Port-A-Meals Program

Dates: n.d.

C26 Radiology

Dates: 1968; 1973; n.d.

C27 Reception Desk

Dates: n.d

C28 Recovery Room

Dates: n.d.

C29 Social Services

Dates: 1990

C30 Sterilization Room

Dates: n.d.

C31 Surgery

Dates: 1941; n.d.

C32 Switchboard

Dates: n.d.


D1 Artwork

Dates: 1994

D2 Bicentennial Baby (1976)

D3 Catholic Hospital Association

Dates: n.d.

D4 Centennial Cultural Commercial Center

Dates: n.d.

The former Columbus Hospital building (1929).

D5 Christmas

Dates: 1966-67; 1969-70; 1974; 1976; n.d.

D6 Columbus Statue

Dates: 1967; n.d.

D7 Cornerstone Laying (1929)

D8 Credit Union

Dates: 1967-69

D9 Fire & Safety Orientation

Dates: n.d.

D10 “The Forum” Dedication (1963)

D11 Fund Raising

Dates: 1976

D12 Groundbreaking (1929)

D13 Groundbreaking (1975)

D14 Medicare

Dates: 1969

D15 Picnic

Dates: 1968

D16 Rural Nursing

Dates: 1953

D17 Seventy-fifth Anniversary (1967)

School of Nursing

E1 Army Nurse Corps

Dates: 1966-67

E2 Building (1903-63)

Dates: n.d.

E3 Capping Ceremonies

Dates: 1966

E4 Classes

Dates: 1922; 1966; n.d.

E5 Clinical Training

Dates: 1946; 1967

E6 Cornerstone Laying (1963)

E7 Graduation

Dates: 1898; 1900; 1916; 1945; 1966-68; n.d.

E8 May Crowning

Dates: 1966-67

E9 Santa Maria Hall

Dates: 1960; 1963; 1966-67; 1975

E10 Students

Dates: 1965-69


F1 Facilities

Dates: n.d.