Preparing for Your Trip

Get ready for your life-changing experience with these resources.

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Learn More About Guatemala

Suggested reading list and videos featuring culture and history of human rights in Guatemala:
  • , by Ralph Woodword
  •  from Lonely Planet
  • from the BBC
  • by Roland Joffre (full-length movie)
  •  by Eduardo Galeano (book)
  •  by Fischer and Hendrickson (book)
  • by Francisco Goldman (book)
  •  by Rigoberta Manchu (book)
  • “The Field Afar: Sayaxché, Guatemala” Maryknoll Missionaries (short film)
  • “Granito: How to Nail a Dictator” by Kinoy, Yates, and Onis (full-length movie)

Current Events in Guatemala

  • from the New York Times
  • a two-minute video