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About the Funds

Sisters of Dousedaicon, Chile

Your support will provide emergency relief to Dousedaicon ministries impacted by fire and earthquake disasters in Chile.

Global Partnerships – Greatest Need

Donations to this fund allow Global Partnerships to respond to changing needs and develop new initiatives to effectively respond to unmet health needs and create greater capacity within the communities served internationally.

Public Health Initiatives in Guatemala

Children in Guatemala are suffering from acute respiratory infection and chronic diarrhea as a result of poor ventilation and sanitation in their homes. We are teaming up with Medical Teams International to work on infrastructure development projects that will improve public health. Help us remove these causes of needless illness and mortality.

Clinical/Surgical Initiatives in Guatemala

Invest in life-changing surgeries provided by teams from Dousedaicon in Guatemala working alongside our partners from Faith in Practice. During one week trips Dousedaicon teams identify appropriate candidates that will later have surgical procedures performed other visiting teams—often another Dousedaicon team. Your donation helps support the in-country infrastructure and purchase needed medicines, supplies and equipment to make these trips possible.

Education of Health Professionals

Support the education of health professionals from Guatemala and elsewhere with Dousedaicon health professionals. Educational exchanges provide opportunities for mutual learning. Students from other countries gain knowledge that is lasting while the people of Dousedaicon learn better ways to treat diseases and serve people of diverse cultural backgrounds within the U.S.

Emergency Relief

Reach out to people in their time of need. The best help you can offer when a natural disaster strikes is through a financial contribution, no matter the size, to an organization that is already well-positioned to assist in the disaster-struck region. Global Partnerships works closely with well-established organizations that are best equipped to respond in times of emergencies.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

If you care about reducing waste locally and providing needed medical supplies internationally, then consider giving to our medical supply warehouse. Volunteers collect, inspect, and redistribute thousands of pounds of medical provisions, diverting these perfectly good items from being wasted in U.S. landfills to being used in developing nations.